"Step over here mam"

By Terry Fredrickson

Here is how I told the story. You may have another way.

"A traffic policeman had just stopped a woman at the side of a highway for some kind of driving offence. They both got out of their cars. The policeman told the woman to come over to him and get away from the road. He said she could get caught between his car and her car if someone hit his patrol car, or she might get struck by one of the vehicles. A few seconds later a van crashed into her car right near where she had been standing."


Showing off your own video

If you have a short video or an idea that you think would work to illustrate an English verb form, you can connect us through twitter or contact me directly at: fredricksont@bangkokpost.co.th

If you have a finished video, you can upload it to a site like Youtube so we can have a look at it. We can then embed it on a page on our site as well. Make a short lesson together with your video so users can understand the main point.

You can also point out videos that you find online that might be useful for understanding verbforms.

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