I've been .....

By Terry Fredrickson

shoppingI had a number of things to do on my last day of my home live in Minnesota. You can see one of my activities in this video. Notice, that I began by using the present perfect to make a general statement about the activity. The reason I did that was that I had just finished what I was doing and you could still see the results of what I did. After that, I used the past tense to describe each of the parts of the activity.

1. Watch the video and finish this sentence: I've been ......

2. What verb did I use to describe the four things I did during this activity?

3. What four things did I show in the video?

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1. I've been shopping

2. bought (past of buy)

3. DVDs for my son, two pairs of jeans for my wife, a game and video editing software.

Showing off your own video

If you have a short video or an idea that you think would work to illustrate an English verb form, you can connect us through twitter or contact me directly at: fredricksont@bangkokpost.co.th

If you have a finished video, you can upload it to a site like Youtube so we can have a look at it. We can then embed it on a page on our site as well. Make a short lesson together with your video so users can understand the main point.

You can also point out videos that you find online that might be useful for understanding verbforms.

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