Will an iPhone blend?

By Terry Fredrickson

Asking a question and then answering it

blend – to mix different substances or foods together

You have all probably had fruit juices prepared in a blender – the famous smoothie, for example. But what else can that wonderul machine do?

The famous blender maker, Blendtec, has made a series of videos showing what happens when you put certain objects into a blender. The objects are all made of various things and the question asked is will they will all blend (mix) together.

One of the most popular videos, viewed by more than six million people on the website YouTube, shows what happens when you put an Apple iPhone in a blender. What do you think? Will it blend? (You can also see what is being said below the video.)

Notice that the speaker begins with "will" because he is talking about a fact: whether the object will blend or not. He is not talking about something scheduled, something that is about to a happen, etc. He just wants to know if an I-phone will blend. Notice, however, that just before his experiment begins, he changes to "going to" because he is talking about something he plans to do immediately.

Will it blend? That is the question.

blend2I love my new iPhone. It does everything. But will it blend? That is the question. Let's find out.

I think I'm going to push the Smoothie button.
(Turns on the blender)

I-Smoke. Don't breathe this.

Now you fans on YouTube have asked me to blend an iPhone. So I did it. But I have another. I'm going to put this on E-Bay (the auction – buying and selling website)..

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