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The Voice star find his own voice

By Tatat Bunnag
Photographs by Varuth Hirunyatheb
and courtesy of What the Duck

Did you know

Producer Ten Teerapak was the guitarist of popular ‘90s band Smile Buffalo.

After sending music fans to sleep with sweet dreams with his first single “Good Night,” former The Voice season two contestant Praput Pimpama (Opor) has returned. His brand new single, “Auk-Aak (Stutter),” is now released via new indie music label What the Duck, home to Singto Numchok, Ten to Twelve and Musketeers.

With help from the well-respected producer Ten Teerapak, “Stutter” showcases Opor’s ability to write a good acoustic pop song with catchy lyrics about being so nervous around the girl he has a secret crush on.

“Stutter” was an instant hit, receiving rotation airplay on many pop radio stations. Student Weekly recently found an opportunity to catch up with the 28-year-old singer to chat about his music, his experience on The Voice, and his new label.

Student Weekly: It’s been nearly two years since your days on The Voice. How has fame been treating you?

Opor: Although it’s a new experience, I don’t think my personal life has changed that much, except now I have to dress better when I go out. I can’t just leave my house with my usual outfit of a soccer shirt, shorts and sandals like before. [Laughs.] But it’s really a blessing that my music is getting around, and it’s so humbling when people appreciate your craft.

Student Weekly: As you chose Kong Saharat as your coach, did you get any particularly good advice from him during the show?

Opor: Well, everything he said was great advice. He didn’t teach me much about any trend or style, but he taught me a lot about how to improve stage presence as a singer, and how to arrange songs. That was an important lesson for me.

Student Weekly: How long had you been singing or playing music before joining the competition?

Opor: I started being obsessed with listening to and playing music when I was in junior high school. I was living in Loei at the time and formed a cover band with my classmate. We were called Solid, and we joined so many band competitions. Then I moved to Bangkok and started playing music at a few bars.

Student Weekly: Since many previous The Voice winners have signed with major labels, why did you decide to work with an independent label?

Opor: I have to thank Ball from the band Scrubb, who works for Believe Records and What the Duck as product manager. The Voice second season had just finished, and I was in the process of looking for a label. One day Ball called me and invited me to be on What the Duck. He said one thing that really stopped me from working with major label. He asked me if I wanted to be an artist or a celebrity. [Laughs.]

Student Weekly: Can you tell us about your new single, “Stutter”?

Opor: “Stutter” is my new song which I wrote with my producer Ten Teerapak. It’s an easy listening acoustic pop tune. It sounds relatively simple, yet it’s very soulful. It’s a romantic song about a shy guy who gets nervous and stutters around the girl he likes. This sort of situation can happen to many people, so I thought giving this song to a girl could be the best way to express your true feeling without saying it.

Student Weekly: Have you ever had that kind of nervous experience with girls?

Opor: Yeah, sometimes. [Laughs.] People usually complain, because I often talk in circles. I’m used to being by myself playing guitar, so I can be a little awkward around other people. I’m working on improving my social skills though.

Student Weekly: Who are your favorite artists from What the Duck?

Opor: I've been familiar with Singto Numchok, Musketeers and 25 Hours for a long time. When I was still playing in a pub band, I had to learn and play their songs almost every night. Now it feels cool to be on the same label with these amazing people.


  • contestant (n): a person who takes part in a contest or competition
    stutter (n): a speech problem in which a person finds it difficult to say the first sound of a word and repeats it several times
    crush on somebody (n): a strong feeling of love that usually does not last very long
    airplay (n): broadcasting time devoted to a particular record, performer, or musical genre
    sandal (n): a light open shoe worn in hot weather
    presence (n): making a strong impression on other people by the way you talk or behave
    awkward (adj): causing or feeling embarrassment or inconvenience


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