Chance meeting

In just two years, American pop teen Greyson Chance has become an international star. Back in 2010, Greyson was just an ordinary kid who uploaded a video of himself performing a version of Lady Gaga’s song, “Paparazzi.”

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  • A muddy lifestyle

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 26/05/2012

    Feathered friends fleeing harsh winter in northern Asia make Thailand a paradise for bird watchers.

  • Love wins out as "Amour" won the Palme d'Or

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 26/05/2012

    "Amour", by Austrian director Michael Hanake, won the Palme d'Or at the 65th Cannes Film Festival on Sunday night.

  • The ultimate freedom

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 26/05/2012

    Author James C. Scott explores why Southeast Asia's hill people live in rugged terrain away from civilisation.

  • Hybrid platter

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 26/05/2012

    Toyota has facelifted its Prius. Should you choose it over the Camry Hybrid?

  • Retro delights

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 26/05/2012

    VW has maintained the visual nostalgia of the Beetle but has made it a better car to drive than before.