• Jui Juis' Joints

    In the new romantic drama The Vow, a happily married couple find themselves challenged as they suddenly have to start their relationship all over again.

  • Circular story

    Directed by renowned Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Meirelles, 360 is a kaleidoscopic exploration of love in the 21st century. The film explores the stories of various couples in different cities around the world, eventually showing how all the characters are connected in suspenseful and moving ways.



  • Big in Bangkok

    Since their 2007 hit “Lies,” Korean boy band Big Bang have been praised by critics and fans alike for their captivating music, great singing and trendsetting fashion sense.

  • Pop phenomenon

    Zee was soon offered the chance to be a singer, releasing several singles including the hit track, “Ngang Ngang Tae Naow (Easy But Lonely).” More recently, the 23-year-old singer has been promoting the beautiful ballad, “Pra God Garn Rak (Love Phenomenon),” which will be included on Zee’s upcoming album, Believe.

  • Timely tunes

    Fans of the Believe Records rock band Ten to Twelve had to wait a long time for this album. The band had to deal with many problems in recent times, not least of which was the death of their guitarist.

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