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Mr.TO is back to see you again.

After 2 weeks break, this week I'll be reviewing a mobile game called 'Samurai VS Zombies Defense', which you can play on Android or iPhone mobile phones.

This is a tower defense type of game, which you'll be playing as samurais who try to protect their villages from zombies.

They have 5 types of attack and support skills (though only 2 can be equipped for fighting). And between fights, you can ask your fellow samurais to come help as well.

On this game's battle fields, you can only move forward to backward and you'll be attacking automatically. And, as mentioned earlier, you can call your friends to arm by using points (which you accumulate over time). This means you'll have to come up with strategies to hold back the enemies until you can call out your friends to finish off the zombies.

Most of the unlock skills can be unlock by completing stages or collect items during fights.

In my opinion, this is a game that you should keep in your collection. I think the graphic is good and you can download this game for free. But the flaw in this game is that money is very scarce and you'll be struggling to upgrade your arsenal.

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