Meen in the middle


Aom co-hosted the Strawberry Cheesecake TV show from 2006 to 200

Aom finds herself up in the air

“I enjoyed wearing the flight attendant uniform.”

By Tatat Bunnag
Photographs by Varuth Hirunyatheb and courtesy by Golden A Entertainment

Sushar Manaying (Aom) achieved international success when she starred in the controversial lesbian movie Yes or No? So, I Love You back in 2010. Now the cute 24-year-old actress is back on the big screen, playing a flight attendant involved in a love triangle in the light-hearted new romantic comedy, Chob Kod Like, Chai Kod Love.

Directed by Pakpoom Wongjinda, Chob Kod Like, Chai Kod Love also stars heart-throb Patiparn Pataweekarn (Mos), who has been away from movie work since 1997.

Student Weekly recently caught up with Aom to ask her about her recent success and about the making of Chob Kod Like, Chai Kod Love,due to hit local cinemas on May 10.

Student Weekly:How did you get involved in Chob Kod Like, Chai Kod Love?

Aom: I met director Pakpoom when I was filming a drama for Channel 3. He thought I would be perfect for the character he was planning for his next movie, so he called me up to go to the casting. He’s a good director, so I was glad to get a chance to work with him.

Student Weekly: Can you tell us a bit about the film?

Aom: I play an air hostess named Meen. The movie’s basically about a relationship between three people, with Meen caught in the middle. She eventually has to decide who she loves and choose the right man for her.

Student Weekly: How would you deal with a situation like that in real life?

Aom: I would have to pick the one who was really right for me. But I’m the kind of person who can be very emotional and I tend to follow whatever my heart tells me to do.

[Laughs.] It would be a tough decision to have to make, that’s for sure!

Student Weekly: Did you enjoy acting in the movie?

Aom: Yes. I especially enjoyed wearing the flight attendant uniform. I also liked the character I played, because she’d just recently graduated and started working. You get to see the character become more mature and develop from being a young girl into a woman.

Student Weekly: What was it like working with Mos?

Aom: I was quite nervous before we started filming. But once you get to know him, you forget that he’s a superstar. He’s really nice and friendly. I used to be a fan of his music and I watched his movie Red Bike Story when I was a kid, so it was really exciting for me to work with him.

Student Weekly: You’ve become well known throughout Asia over the past few years, especially in China and Taiwan. How do you feel about that?

Aom: Yes or No was pretty popular in China because gay and lesbian movies aren’t really allowed there. People had to see the film by illegally downloading it or by watching it on YouTube. But Yes or No is a very feel-good filmand it looks at the positive side of that kind of relationship. It was the type of film that many people in China had been longing for.

Student Weekly: What kind of movies do you generally like to watch?

Aom: I used to enjoy watching thrillers or suspense movies, but when I grew up I got more into dramas and romantic movies. My favourite films are Life Is Beautiful and What Dreams May Come.


  • controversial (adj): causing a lot of public discussion and argument

    love triangle (n): a situation that involves three people, each of whom loves at least one of the others

    light-hearted (adj): intended to be amusing and easily enjoyable rather than too serious

    heart-throb (n): a famous man, usually an actor or a singer, that a lot of women find attractive

    casting (n): the process of choosing actors for a play or a movie

    emotional (adj): showing strong emotions, sometimes in a way that other people think is

    mature (adj): behaving in a sensible way, like an adult

    feel-good (adj): making you feel happy and pleased about life

    long for something (phrasal v): to want something very much, especially if it does not seem likely to happen


    up in the air: not yet decided