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Winning wonder gets ahead

By Daniel Weyl
Photos by Varuth Hirunyatheb

Did you know

Image plans to study economics at university.

At a modest 17 years of age, Suthita Chanachaisuwan (Image) has gained a tremendous following since coming second in the popular singing competition, The Voice Thailand. With her unique and articulate singing skills, Image performed until the end of the season and was given the nickname “wonder girl” by her coach, Stamp Apiwat.

After hearing Image sing, many people thought that she was a native English speaker because of how well she pronounced the lyrics. With songs such as “Beautiful,” originally sung by Christina Aguilera, Image enunciated the words perfectly and won the hearts of both the audience and judges.

Since the competition ended, Image has been keeping busy touring throughout Thailand.

Student Weekly recently caught up with the busy young star to ask her about her singing experiences.

Student Weekly: What made you decide to take part in singing competitions?

Image: I didn’t want to compete with other singers, but I wanted a way for people to hear me sing. What I learned from the competitions was that I was never really competing against other people — I was really competing against myself.

Student Weekly: Have you ever suffered from stage fright?

Image: All the time! I get so excited and nervous before I get on stage, but I really enjoy the thrill of it. I’m always shaking, but when I sing the first verse, I forget that I’m nervous and I know that everything will be OK.

Student Weekly: What do you love about singing?

Image: I’ve been singing my whole life. My parents knew that I could sing even before I did. To me, it’s like talking through music.

Student Weekly: Besides the final round of The Voice Thailand, which round was the most exciting for you?

Image: The blind audition, because if a judge turns around when you’re singing, you get to be on the programme, but if nobody turns, you’re out.

Student Weekly: Was Stamp’s personality different from what you thought it would be?

Image: Not at all. I always imagined that he was a very nice person, and that’s what he turned out to be.

Student Weekly: After your experience on the show, what does The Voice Thailand mean to you?

Image: It’s like a big door that opens to a different place. I used to sing at school and the audience would be my friends and teachers, but now I’m really in the spotlight and everybody knows about me.

Student Weekly: Did people in different provinces around Thailand react to your gigs differently?

Image: Yes. In some places they didn’t like it when I sang English songs, but when I sang Thai songs, they really liked it. When I performed for university students, they seemed to listen to the same music that I listen to, so they really enjoyed it.

Student Weekly: Have you ever tried writing songs?

Image: Yes. My first song was about a guy that I liked. I didn’t know how to tell him, so I wrote a song about him. He hasn’t heard it because by the time I finished the song, I didn’t like him anymore! The song was called “If it’s Love.” It was so cheesy! [Laughs.]

Student Weekly: Do you have any advice for people who want to sing English songs as fluently as you?

Image: You have to listen a lot, which is the first step when you’re learning a new language. Try to make it fun by watching movies and listening to songs with English lyrics.


  • get ahead (phrasal v): to make progress
    modest (adj): not very large, important, etc.
    tremendous (adj): very great
    articulate (adj): good at expressing idea or feelings clearly in words
    enunciate (v): to pronounce words or express ideas clearly
    stage fright (n): nervous feelings felt by performers before they appear in front of an audience
    verse (n):
    a group of lines that form a unit in a poem or song
    the spotlight (n): attention from the media and the public
    cheesy (adj): of low quality and without style
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