• Cheerful Chinatown

    Chinese New Year, this year falling on January 23, is for many one of the most important holidays of the year. A great number of people in Thailand will gather together to celebrate this traditional event.

  • Cruise blues

    Investigators on January 15 approach the luxury cruise Costa Concordia, which capsized after running aground near the tiny Tuscan island of Isola del Giglio, Italy. - AP

  • All that glitters

    In her latest single, "Domino," Jessie J is having fun dancing in a glittery club. She's met a hot guy and is having a ball dancing the night away with him.

  • Big toy

    A young girl poses with a military helicopter during National Children's Day activities at the Royal Thai Army's headquarters on January 14.

  • City standards

    According to a recent Mercer's worldwide survey, Bangkok's quality of living was far lower than that of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.