World News

Cruise blues

Investigators on January 15 approach the luxury cruise Costa Concordia, which capsized after running aground near the tiny Tuscan island of Isola del Giglio, Italy. - AP

Money matter

Police confused over cash

Hong Kong - Hong Kong police are seeking legal advice over ownership of more than US$250,000 (7.5 million baht) left in a taxi.

The cash was handed in to police six months ago by a cabbie who found it in his car. When it was not claimed after three months, the taxi driver tried to claim it under police rules as the owner had not come forward. However, newspaper reports alerted the owner, who said he had won the cash gambling in Macau and not reported the loss.

Both are claiming the money, and the police could be sued by the one who loses out. - DPA

Ship wreck

Cargo vessel hit by explosion

Seoul - A South Korean cargo ship was rocked by an explosion off the country's west coast on January 15, leaving five people dead and six others missing.

The unexplained explosion tore apart the front of the ship and left the 4,198 tonne vessel half-submerged. Five crewmen were rescued and searchers were trying to locate the six missing.

The explosion occurred relatively far from the sea border with North Korea, and the coast guard doesn't suspect that North Korea was involved. - AP


Wild water

Men hit by big wave

Bintan, Indonesia - High waves hit three Singaporean men. It happened on Sumatra Island on January 14. One man drowned and another was still missing. Rescuers were searching for the missing man, police said. - AFP

Poll party

Ma Ying-jeou, centre, and his party celebrate in Taipei on January 14 after winning the presidential poll in Taiwan. - AFP

Cat trap

Rare tiger dies from injuries

Jakarta - An endangered Sumatran tiger that was rescued with multiple wounds in Indonesia has died from its injuries.

The tiger died on January 14 at the Indonesian Safari Park in the western Java city of Bogor, after being flown from Sumatra for treatment. The 5-year-old tiger had been found on January 9 in a wire trap with nine spear wounds.

There are fewer than 400 Sumatran tigers in the wild at present. - DPA

Animals overseas

China loans pandas to France

Beijing - Two giant pandas have left China to start a new life in France. A special chartered plane carrying female panda Huan Huan and male Yuan Zai took off from southwest Chengdu city on January 15.

The pair will spend 10 years at Beauval Zoo in France under a conservation and research agreement between China and France. Zoo visitors will be able to see the 3-year-old pandas from February 11. - AP

Christmas spirit

Homeless man hands in cash

Vienna - Homeless Austrian man Hermann Schleichert had less than one euro and an empty packet of cigarettes in his pocket on a cold Boxing Day evening when he found 7,000 euro (283,000 baht) on the pavement. But instead of keeping the cash, the 48-year-old, who was staying in a Vienna shelter, took the money to police, media reports said.

"I didn't even think about keeping the money. That would have been theft," Hermann said.

The owner of the money reported his loss to police and was reportedly deeply grateful to get his cash back. - AFP



1. What did the homeless man in Vienna find?

a. Less than one euro.
b. 7,000 euro.
c. A packet of cigarettes.

2. Where will the pandas be sent?

3. How many motorbikes did police seize on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road?


capsize (v): to turn over in the water

aground (adv): if a ship runs aground, it touches the ground in shallow water and cannot move

cabbie (n): a person who drives a taxi

tear apart (phrasal v): to destroy something violently, especially by pulling it to pieces

endangered (adj): if an animal is endangered, it has become very rare and is in danger of becoming extinct

chartered (adj): hired for a particular purpose

shelter (n): a building, usually owned by a charity, that provides a place to stay for people without a home