Killer thriller

Thai movie-goers will be excited to hear that the highly-anticipated Only God Forgives will be opening in local cinemas this week.

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    General admissions

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    The latest film from acclaimed director Paul Weitz is the new romantic comedy-drama, Admission.

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    Edible info

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    It might surprise many to learn that some insects contain more protein per 100 grams than pork...

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  • Questions of Faith

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 29/07/2013

    The surge in popularity of the Hindu god Ganesh among Thais raises questions about beliefs, spiritual trends and the commercialism of religion.

  • Europe in chaos

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 29/07/2013

    Born and bred in the Big Apple, my first memory of war was of a photo of a near naked native standing with a spear.

  • Heading for oblivion?

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 29/07/2013

    The BMW 3-series GT is a highly practical car. But will sophisticated Thai punters with a taste for luxury fall for it?

  • Faux M4

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 29/07/2013

    BMW has revealed M Performance visual and power upgrades for its all-new 4-series coupe.

  • Our man in Ramadan

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 29/07/2013

    Mohammad Shareef has carved out a career in Islamic-themed Thai TV shows.