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By Suwitcha Chaiyong
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Did you know

Push sings Getsunova’s song “So Close Yet So Far” in an episode of Perfect Match.

Written by popular author May 112, Perfect Match is one of best-selling novels in the hit Ugly Duckling series. Perfect Match is an amusing novel about a relationship between a first-year university student named Junior and senior student named Pi Suea.

In the new TV series adaptation of Perfect Match, 18-year-old actress Mook Woranid plays Junior, a girl who has to move to the countryside because of side effects from a facelift operation. At her new university, other students make fun of her face, but the charismatic Pi Suea steps in to protect her.

Pi Suea is one of May112’s most successful characters due to his gorgeous and playful personality. Readers also seem enjoy Pi Suea’s method of chatting up girls.

Charismatic DJ and actor Puttichai Kasetsin (Push) was chosen to play Pi Suea in the TV series, with May 112 stating that Push has a similar personality to Pi Suea.

Student Weekly recently met up with 28-year-old Push at the GMM TV office. The charming actor told us about his acting experiences and about Perfect Match, which will be showing on GMM Channel Digital TV 25 and GMM Satellite TV 35.

Student Weekly: Did you know that you had acting talent at a young age?

Push: Not at all. I was a very shy kid, but I tried to change when I studied Communication Arts at Suan Dusit Rajabhat University. I made new friends and was chosen to be a class president. I participated in a lot of activities and gradually became bolder.

Student Weekly: Is it true that working as a radio DJ is your favourite job?

Push: Yes. The job has a lot of charm, and each DJ has their own style. Even though I’ve acted in many TV series, DJ work is still my main priority. I work as a radio DJ from 8 am to 10 am five days a week. I usually go to the drama sets from 11 am onwards.

Student Weekly: Do you enjoy acting?

Push: I love acting too. It’s challenging. Each character is different, which makes me want to develop my skills and do my best. I wasn’t trained to be a professional actor, so I’ve had to learn through trial and error. I was initially criticised for my stiff acting, and that pushed me to work harder.

Student Weekly: When did you first begin to like acting?

Push: When I was a leading actor in Lae Nang Fah [Angel’s Trick], I had to be on the set every day. It wasn’t easy, but the feedback I got from viewers who weren’t familiar with my DJ work was terrific. That gave me the energy to continue acting in other TV series.

Student Weekly: Did you ever get confused when you were filming Roy Lae Sanae Rai [Vicious Charm] and Perfect Match at the same time?

Push: Yes. The character in Vicious Charm, Kongpop, is always serious whereas Pi Suea is easy-going and playful. When I started playing Pi Seua in Perfect Match, I still had the angry look of Kongpop. I told the director about it and tried to change to suit Pi Suea’s character. It was pretty hard.

Student Weekly: Did you know that Pi Suea was a popular character form the novel?

Push: I heard that there were fans of Pi Suea, but I didn’t expect so much feedback when I posted pictures on the Internet of my character costume fittings. The director then told me that Perfect Match was a bestselling book. I felt pressure because I knew I wouldn’t be exactly the same as the character in the book, but I tried to be as similar as I could.

Student Weekly: How do you manage to have such great chemistry with different actresses?

Push: I don’t have great chemistry with every actress. [Laughs.] But I’m basically a friendly person. If I work with an actress who keeps quiet and doesn’t like to interact with me, it’s difficult for any chemistry to develop.

Mook Woranid is like my younger sister. I’m comfortable chatting with her and teasing her because we’re close. We never feel tense with each other on the set.

Student Weekly: Is your public personality much different from what you’re like in your private life?

Push: People who know me as a DJ or a host at events think I’m playful and that I like to tease people. But in my private life I’m pretty quiet. I talk a lot at work, so when I’m not working, I feel exhausted and prefer to stay quiet.


  • amusing (adj): funny and entertaining
    side effect (n): a secondary and usually undesirable effect of a drug or medical treatment
    facelift (n): a cosmetic surgical operation to remove unwanted wrinkles, tighten the skin, etc. on somebody’s face
    charismatic (adj): having a powerful personal quality that impresses and attracts other people
    bold (adj): confident and brave
    priority (n): something that is considered to be more important than other things
    stiff (adj): not relaxed or natural
    chemistry (n): the feeling and mood that develops between two people or among a small group of people

    trial and error:
    the process of experimenting with different ideas or methods of doing something until you find the most successful

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