Sweet sight

In 2009, the five-member girl group Sugar Eyes were introduced the pop fans with their dance single, “Sugar Eyes,” which came with some vigorous dance choreography.

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    Scary stories

    Categories : Entertainment

    Ghost movies are always popular with Thai viewers, and the latest in a long line of local horror...

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    Epic animation

    Categories : Entertainment

    Thai animation is back on the big screen with Yak: The Giant King, a brand new 3-D...

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    Dr Supat

    Categories : Connect

    Police say they will oppose bail for Police General Hospital...

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    Wild waters

    Categories : Education

    For three successful seasons of Discovery Channel’s River Monsters...

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    Tales of the abyss

    Categories :Connect

    I'm a fan of role playing games (from now on I'll call this genre RPG games)...

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  • A life in Letters

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 24/09/2012

    The winner of Thailand's most prestigious literary award, the SEA Write, will be announced on Wednesday.

  • Salvation in poetry

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 24/09/2012

    Vaddey Ratner's debut novel pulls readers into Cambodia's dark history, while shining a light on humanity.

  • Stepmotherly love

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 24/09/2012

    Families are the nuclei of nations, which explains why nations frequently deal with their disputes by going to war.

  • Volvo guns for BMW X1

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 24/09/2012

    Cross Country SUV based on stylish V40 hatchback.

  • McLaren eyes pole position

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 24/09/2012

    Previewing the production-ready version of the P1, due out next year, which has been billed as the ultimate driver's car.