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Jinn takes on a new role

By Suwitcha Chaiyong
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Did you know

Jinn collects canvas shoes.

The young actor Jinna Navarat (Jinn) became a heart-throb when he played a superhero in the TV series, Yod Manood Dab Te Wa Da (Angel Sword Superhero).

Because of his good looks, this 22-year-old actor will become even more popular by playing Captain Chatchai in the drama series, Khon La Lok (Different World) and a doctor in the romantic comedy Koon Chai Gai Tong (Tong Fried Chicken), which will air on Channel 7.

Jinn first caught the eye of a talent scout who saw his picture on the Facebook page, BU Cute Boy, which features pictures of good-looking male students at Bangkok University. The scout became his manager and suggested that Jinn try acting auditions. Before being the leading actor in Angel Sword Superhero, he got a small role in the movie Pi Chai My Hero (How to Win at Checkers (Every Time).

Student Weekly recently caught up with Jinn who talked about playing a superhero and the challenges of acting.

Student Weekly: Is being an actor similar to what you expected?

Jinn: Not at all. I thought acting was an easy job, but it’s really not. On the first day on the set of How to Win at Checkers (Every Time), I had to start from scratch even though I’d had acting classes before. It was very difficult.

Student Weekly: Which Hollywood superhero would you like to play?

Jinn: I like The Avengers because there are several superheroes in one movie. I want to be Captain America the most. He’s a sincere person who sacrifices himself to be the superhero.

Student Weekly: Were you worried about being in How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) which tackles gay issues?

Jinn: I consulted with my manager first. In the movie I had to take my t-shirt off and there was a kissing scene, but it wasn’t scary. As an actor, if I could make viewers believe in the character that would mean I did a good job, so I agreed to work on the film.

Student Weekly: How do you respond to viewers who complain that your acting was stiff?

Jinn: I’m glad to hear their comments. I accept them. I saw the first episode of Angel Sword Superhero and I was really stiff. I understood their comments and have developed my skills.

Student Weekly: How did you feel about working with famous actors Pu Praiya and Cee Siwat on Different World?

Jinn: Pu Praiya is gorgeous. When I was in a scene with her, I felt tense and shy, but she helped me to feel relaxed. Cee Siwat always encouraged me and advised me to have a stronger voice. I had a weak and shaky voice because I had many things to worry about. I had to work hard to improve my acting skills.

Student Weekly: What did you do to get ready to play Captain Chatchai?

Jinn: I observed the personalities of policemen. I’m round-shouldered and don’t stand up straight, so I have to watch my posture. I also learned how to use a gun.

Student Weekly: Do you enjoy the action scenes?

Jinn: Action scenes are fun and I don’t feel tense when filming them. If I have a chance, I want to learn how to perform more action moves.

Student Weekly: How did you prepare for your role as a doctor in Tong Fried Chicken?

Jinn: The series is a comedy, so the director told me to watch a lot of comedy movies and I will also observe how a cardiologist works in a hospital.

Student Weekly: Is it true that you want to set a good example for kids?

Jinn: Yes. Many kids recognise me as a superhero. They expect me to be a good guy. So, I have to be a good example for them.

Student Weekly: Do you have any message to our readers?

Jinn: These upcoming series, Different World and Tong Fried Chicken, will be fun to watch. The first one is a drama about the relationship between a poor and a rich person. Tong Fried Chicken is a comedy with a lot of veteran actors such as Jack Chaleumpol, Khom Chuan Chuen and Gubgib Sumontip. Everybody will love it.


  • talent scout (n): somebody who looks for people who have the skills they want, especially in entertainment or sport
    tackle (v): to attack or to deal with something
    stiff (adj): unrelaxed
    round-shouldered (adj): having shoulders that curve down and forward
    posture (n): the position in which you hold your body when standing or sitting
    cardiologist (n): a doctor who specializes in treating diseases of the heart

  • Idiom
    from scratch:
    without any previous preparation or knowledge
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