• Down to business

    The government recently urged university students and recent graduates wanting to become small business owners to apply for the Tang Tua Dai (self-sustained) fund.

  • Cold comfort

    The three men who took refuge at Sanam Luang were in deep sleep, probably after a long day’s tough work. They were among the countless vagabonds who had travelled far from home and family to search for jobs in the capital, and Sanam Luang was an ideal home away from home.

  • Party time

    In her latest single, “Time Bomb,” Kylie knows that life is short and she wants to have fun while she still can. She’s met a guy she likes at a club and wants to dance the night away.

  • Giant giant

    A man sits by the torso of a statue of the Pee Sua Samut sea giant from Phra Apai Manee, a classic piece of literature by Sunthorn Phu, at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre in Bangkok.

  • Big clean-up

    A resident on September 2 repairs his house after it was destroyed by a 7.6-magnitude earthquake on the night of August 31, in MacArthur town on Samar Island in central Philippines. — Reuters.