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Fon and Belle can’t think straight

By Sukrit Khaepimpan and Suwitcha Chaiyong
Photos by Varuth Hirunyatheb

Did you know

Belle studies British and American Studies at Thammasat University.

Compared to the number of gay couples as main characters in Thai TV dramas, lesbian couples are still rare. In Hormones the Series Season 3, two pretty actresses — the 21-year-old Sananthachat Thanapatpisal (Fon) and the 20-year-old Kemisara Paladesh (Belle) — portray best friends Dao and Koi who develop special affection for each other.

The series tackles many issues related to young lesbians who are confused about their feelings and have a hard time accepting themselves and revealing their true identities to their parents and friends.

With well-written storylines and impressive acting, Fon and Belle have become one of the most popular couples from the series. Many of their shippers also want them to get together in real life.

Student Weekly recently met up with Fon and Belle at the GTH office. The girls told us about how they feel about lesbian roles and working together.

Student Weekly: When was your first time on set?

Fon: I was in thr movie ATM Er Rak Error. I worked with Ter Chantavit who was very kind and laid-back. The director also allowed actors to improvise on the set, so the atmosphere was relaxed.

Belle: It was the TV series Lieutenant Opas. I was in scenes with Noona Nuengtida and Ter Chantavit. I didn’t know how to make conversation with them because they already knew each other and I was so young. It was very exciting. When I look back on my acting, I think it was really stiff.

Student Weekly: How do you feel about playing lesbians?

Fon: It’s a real challenge. I have many lesbian friends, but when I have to play a lesbian I have to adjust my attitudes. Lesbians don’t appear often on screen. I want to show that a relationship has nothing to do with gender, it’s how we feel about somebody.

Belle: I was shocked at first because we hardly see lesbian relationships on TV. I felt pressure and thought I couldn’t do it because my acting skills weren’t good, so I had some serious training. Most of my fans are tomboys and women. I don’t have many male fans.

Student Weekly: When did you become close to each other?

Fon: We got close in Hormones Season 2 because we had to play a couple. In Season 3 we’re best friends. I can talk to Belle about anything. She’s like a nice sister who helps me both at work and in my life. After we got close, working together was easier.

Belle: I was initially afraid of Fon because she took her job seriously, like an adult. We became close during Season 3 because we had to act together in every scene.

Student Weekly: Do you have anything in common?

Fon: We’re both straightforward. If we have a problem we like to talk it out frankly instead of sleeping on it.

Student Weekly: Since your shippers like to see your intimacy, have you ever faked it to make them happy?

Fon: We’re actually really close. The way we play or interact with each other is real. If we tried to fake it, it would be fooling our fans.

Student Weekly: What is your advice to a friend who is in a lesbian relationship, but her friends and parents don’t approve?

Fon: I would tell her to listen to her heart and try to prove that the way she is doesn’t cause any trouble. She has to make her parents feel that she is responsible and not on the wrong track. I think one day her parents will understand because she is their child after all.

Belle: I’ll support my friend and tell her to convince her friends to accept her relationship. Also, she could explain to her parents that this kind of relationship won’t cause any problems like pregnancy.

Student Weekly: How do you feel about singing and dancing since you’ll be a part of the concert GTH Star Theque?

Fon: I wasn’t born to sing. I’m not good at singing, but I like dancing though I don’t have any special skill. When I see a good dance show, I’m impressed.

Belle: I’m worried about the concert. Dancing is possible, but my singing is very bad. Fortunately there isn't a solo performance.

Student Weekly: What would you like to do in the future?

Fon: When I was very young, I wanted to be a TV host, an English-language newsreader and a DJ. But right now I just want to learn lots of things.

Belle: I don’t know yet, but I’m interested in marketing or business. I may import handmade products or clothes or snacks from Japan or Hong Kong into Thailand. I’m not sure if I can do it. I’ll finish my Bachelor’s first.


  • affection (n): feelings of liking or love
    tackle (v): to try to deal with something
    shipper (slang): one who believes there is a relationship between two characters in fandom
    stiff (adj): behaving in a way that is formal and not relaxed
    intimacy (n): the state of having a close personal relationship with somebody

    sleep on it:
    to not make an immediate decision about a plan or idea, but to wait until the next day in order to have more time to think about it
    on the wrong track: thinking or behaving in the wrong way

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