Local News

Wild waves

Waves as high as 4 metres hit the beaches of Hua Hin in Prachuap Khiri Khan province on December 26. Numerous houses in the area were flooded by sea water.


Shipping sham

Officials seize fake goods

Customs officials confiscated a large amount of counterfeit merchandise, worth up to 15 million baht, from a shipping company in Phuket.

Customs Office official Prayuth Maneechote said most of the seized items were contraband clothes and accessories including spectacles and suitcases. He said the goods will be handed over to Sadao Customs authorities, who will take further action against those implicated in the intellectual property rights violations.

Fulfilling life

Thai ambassador dies

Konthi Suphamongkhon, Thailand's late ambassador to Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Finland and Britain, passed away on December 27. The famous diplomat was also an advisor on foreign affairs to several prime ministers.

Born in Bangkok on August 7, 1916, Konthi received a doctorate degree from the University of Paris in 1940. He worked as a lecturer at both Chulalongkorn and Thammasat Universities.

Konthi started his diplomatic career with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was also appointed director general of the United Nations Affairs Department in 1950.


Clinics closed

Three beauty shops raided

Health authorities raided three Pongsak beauty clinics. They were in Rayong and Bangkok. Police found illegal equipment and drugs at the clinics. They also found an illegal substance that is injected into patients. It is meant to give patients a better shape.


counterfeit (adj): made to look exactly like something in order to trick people into thinking that they are getting the real thing

merchandise (n): goods that are bought or sold

contraband (n): goods that are illegally taken into or out of a country

spectacles (n): eyeglasses

implicate (v): to show or suggest that somebody is involved in something criminal or illegal

diplomat (n): a person whose job is to represent his or her country in a foreign country, for example, in an embassy

raid (v): to visit a person or place without warning to look for criminals, illegal goods, drugs, etc.