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Ice doubles the love

By Suwitcha Chaiyong
Photos by Varuth Hirunyatheb

Did you know

Ice can dance in many styles including jazz, tap and hip-hop.

While lip-syncing during live performances has become the norm for many young pop stars, 23-year-old singer Sarunyu Winaipanit (Ice) remains determined to sing live at every concert. As a result, his performances are always exciting.

Ice was recently back on the charts with his ‘80s sounding dance song, “Double Love,” which featured some fun and easy dance routines. Pretty female singer Namcha Sheranut also sang with on the track Ice. After that hit, the lively star was busy promoting his popular ballad “Ya Wai Jai Kwam Ngao (Don’t Trust Your Loneliness), which came with a romantic video starring charming actress Toey Jarinporn.

Student Weekly recently met up with Ice at the GMM building. The singer gave us a warm welcome and told us about his latest experiences in the music business.

Student Weekly: What was the main idea behind your recent hit, “Double Love”?

Ice: My music team wanted to create a catchy dance song, and I told them that I wanted the lyrics to thank everybody who has supported me. The song is about giving more love, so we asked Namcha to sing on the track to double the love.

Student Weekly: Have you had any particularly memorable moments with your fans?

Ice: Every moment with my fans is special. They’ve always supported and encouraged me. I used to tell my young fans to not skip class at school, but now they’ve all grown up and I have to tell them to not skip work! [Laughs.]

Student Weekly: Have you ever had any problems with psycho fans?

Ice: I don’t want to say they’re psycho. I think their actions are based on love, but it just comes out in the wrong way. I was a bit frightened when somebody sent me two dolls they were tied up together, like some kind of black magic. I also got a letter from a girl who accused me of making her pregnant. But I try to stay positive about these things.

Student Weekly: Is it true that J Jetrin is your idol?

Ice: Yes. When I was 8 years old, I saw J perform on the live music programme, Lok Don Thee [Music World], and I thought he was really cool. He’s such a great entertainer and I wanted to be like him.

Student Weekly: How can you sing with such a steady voice throughout your live shows?

Ice: It’s a singer’s responsibility to perform well. I refuse to lip-sync because I really want people to appreciate my singing. Whenever I have a new song, I practise singing it while running on a treadmill. That way I can learn to sing it with a steady voice while I’m moving.

I also take good care of myself. I don’t smoke or drink alcohol and I always make sure that I get enough rest.

Student Weekly: Do you still do much work in Japan?

Ice: I had a fan meeting in Japan at the end of last year, but I haven’t released an album there for a while. The Japanese label that I worked with hit hard times after the tsunami disaster. But working in Japan was a great opportunity for me. In 2008, I won the Asian Boy award, which is a prestigious prize for foreign artists who have the most success in Japan. It was a great moment in my life.

Student Weekly: How did you select the 10 new songs for your upcoming album?

Ice: I never want to leave out songs that have been written for me, so we have to vote. We tried to pick songs with lyrics and melodies that are easy to remember.

Student Weekly: Do you have a special message for your fans?

Ice: Every album that I make represents the determination of me and my music team to do something from our souls. We hope that people enjoy our songs and buy the album.


  • lip-sync (v): to move your mouth without speaking or singing so that its movements match the sound on a recorded song, etc.

    the norm (n): a situation or type of behaviour that is usual or expected

    determined (adj): to have made a firm decision to do something and to not let anything stop you

    lively (adj): full of life and energy

    memorable (adj): special, good or unusual and therefore worth remembering

    psycho (n): a person who is mentally ill or who behaves in a very strange and violent way

    black magic (n): a type of magic that is believed to use evil spirits to do harmful things

    idol (n): a person who is loved and admired very much

    treadmill (n): an exercise machine that has a moving surface that you can walk or run on while staying in the same place

    prestigious (adj): respected and admired as very important or of very high quality

    soul (n): a person’s inner character, containing their true thoughts and feelings