Rainy romance

Summer is nearly over, which means that rainy season is on the way. If you’re wondering how to spend your time during the wet weather, then seeing Sahamongkol Film’s latest romantic comedy Reu Doo Tee Chun Ngao (Love in the Rain) might be a nice idea.

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    Sci-fi saga

    Categories : Entertainment

    The ever-popular Star Trek movie franchise continues with Star Trek Into Darkness, directed by J.J. Abrams.

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    Super show

    Categories :Entertainment

    Having lots of different performers at a concert is a great way to fill up seats in a huge venue like...

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    Like K-pop

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    Get started with Sithikorn Wongwudthianun’s long feature story on K-pop...

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    Demi dilemma

    Categories : Education

    In her latest single, “Heart Attack,” Demi Lovato...

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    Budding visions

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    Thai animation short takes top prize at the Asia Digital Art Award 2012.

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  • New 911 Turbo breaks cover

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 13/05/2013

    For the first time, Porsche announces the regular and S models simultaneously.

  • Subtle Cayman

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 13/05/2013

    Porsche's latest junior coupe gets a much better chassis than before, overwhelming the rather modest entry-level engine.

  • Golf goes mad again

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 13/05/2013

    Volkswagen's Design Vision GTI previews potent bi-turbo V6.

  • Mid-size disaccord

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 13/05/2013

    You might be tempted by the Accord's outstanding safety features, but that's about it for the 2.4 version.

  • Eyes on the prize

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 13/05/2013

    Klong Toey slum's first doctoral graduate wants people to change their attitudes towards the impoverished community.