Singing in the rain


K-pop stars stage a spectacular

By Suwitcha Chaiyong
Photographs by courtesy of Feoh

Did you know

Most of the members of Vertical Mind live together at Petong’s house, where they have a home rehearsal studio and practise rooms.

While several recent K-pop events have been cancelled or postponed, the One Asia Tour 2012 M Countdown Smile Thailand concert was successfully held at Rajamangala National Stadium on October 4.

Arranged by Feoh and Korean music channel Mnet, the show attracted a massive crowd with a line-up featuring 15 K-pop groups that have had chart-topping songs on the M!Countdown TV music show.

Student Weekly and other local press met up with the 15 performers at a meeting room in the stadium, just before they hit the stage. Because time was limited, the stars took turns to greet the press and answer a couple questions.

Kara’s Nicole Jung, who was born on October 7, said that she had nice surprise from Thai fans at the airport when they sang “Happy Birthday” and gave her a cake.

“I was very happy and impressed,” Nicole said. “They gave me a huge cake and a doll that looked like me.”

As a host of the event, the frontman of rock band FT Island Lee Hongki was asked if he preferred being an MC to singing. Hongki said he liked both, but that if he had to choose, he would stay with FT Island because he loves music and singing the most.

K-pop sensations Super Junior were very professional. Group leader Leeteuk led his band mates to pose for the cameras without help from the MC. The event was the last overseas show for Leeteuk before he leaves the group to do military service. The leader expressed thanks to his Thai fans.

“Thailand is Super Junior’s second home,” he said. “We have to thank everybody here who has supported us from the beginning.”

When the concert started just after 7 pm it was raining, but fans put on their raincoats to enjoy the show. Energetic boy band Infinite were the opening act. They rode in convertible cars to the stage and performed their hit songs “Be Mine,” “The Chaser” and “Nothing’s Over.” The rain didn’t stop the guys from performing their perfectly synchronised choreography.

Seven-member girl group A Pink stunned the crowd with their spirit when they appeared in adorable blue dresses. Unfortunately, while they performed “I Don’t Known,” it rained so heavily that their pretty hair soon became wet and flat. But the girls kept smiling, singing and dancing as they sang their hits “My My” and “Bubibu.”

FT Island and girl group Secret put on a special performance for the fans. After Secret wowed the crowd with their sexy dance song, “Poison,” FT Island played a rock version of the same song. Hyosung and Jieun from Secret then sang with FT Island’s Seung Hyun. When FT Island played their hit “I Wish,” the band’s fans showed their supports by waving yellow flags near the stage.

Girl group Sistar and Wooyoung from 2PM also joined forces for 2PM’s “Hand’s Up.” It was one of the concert’s great moments when the crowd put their hands in the air and danced along with the song.

While Super Junior performed a finale of “Spy,” “Sexy Fee Single” and a rock version of “Bonamana,” their E.L.F fan club stood out with their blue raincoats and blue light sticks. At the end of the show, Leeteuk got down on his knees and bowed deeply to say goodbye to his fans, making some of the crowd cry.

Before everybody left, Yesung, Donghae and Sungmin from Super Junior gave the crowd their thumbs up for their great support.


  • spectacular (n): an impressive show or performance
    massive (adj): extremely large
    sensation (n): something that causes a lot of excitement and interest
    military service (n): a period during which young people train in the armed forces
    raincoat (n): a long light coat that keeps you dry in the rain
    energetic (adj): having a lot of energy and enthusiasm
    convertible (n): a car with a roof which can be folded down or taken off
    synchronise (v): to happen or move at the same time and speed
    spirit (n): courage, determination and energy
    bow (v): to move your head or the top half of your body forwards and downwards as a sign of respect or as a greeting

    thumbs up: used to show that something has been accepted or is a success

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