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Sweet-voiced star gets busy

By Suwitcha Chaiyong
Photos by Varuth Hirunyatheb

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Stamp wants to see a concert by K-pop group Big Bang.

Top Thai singer-songwriter Apiwat Uaethavornsuk (Stamp) has never failed to release hit singles. His new heartbreaking ballad, “Sa Boo (Soap),” is no exception, generating the same overwhelming response from radio listeners and YouTube viewers as all his previous hits.

Aside from writing impressive songs, the 30-year-old Stamp is one of the most sought after live performers in the kingdom. Stamp’s hectic schedule got even busier recently when he signed up to be a coach on the Thai version of the American TV singing contest, The Voice, which will air from September 9.

Student Weekly recently caught up with Stamp for a phone interview as he was travelling to perform in the countryside. The popular star told us about his latest single, his role on The Voice and his upcoming concert.

Student Weekly: How did you come up with the song title, “Soap”?

Stamp: The song was inspired my friend’s experience. He bought a house with his girlfriend, but they didn’t end up getting married, so my friend had to use everything they’d bought together on his own. I named the song “Soap” to represent the female stuff in the house.

Student Weekly: Was it difficult to sing a sad song like that?

Stamp: Yes it was. I asked producer Kai Suthee to guide me in the studio because he’s good at recording slow songs. The melody was difficult to sing. It took me about eight hours to finish.

Student Weekly: Why did you decide to become a coach on The Voice?

Stamp: I initially rejected the offer, but when I watched the original show, I liked it a lot. I believe that there’s no right or wrong way to sing, and the coaches on The Voice don’t criticise the contestants. Instead, they give compliments and try to encourage the contestants’ natural abilities.

Student Weekly: What were the contestants like for the Thai version of The Voice?

Stamp: I was really surprised how fantastic their voices were. Everybody was terrific. It was stressful to pick only 10 or 12 people out of several hundred great singers.

Student Weekly: How do you feel about being a part of the next Chicken Mountain concert?

Stamp: I’m glad that they thought about me because I didn’t perform there last year. I like the Chicken Mountain concert because it’s a big gathering of young people. I’m also looking forward to going back to Kao Chon Kai, because I once took a Reserve Officers’ Training Corps course there.

Student Weekly: Have you ever had an unusual experience while you were performing?

Stamp: I once had a gig where there were four big guys in the audience who looked like tough wrestlers. But they sang along with every song I played. At that end of the show, they came up and hugged me. I thought it might have been a prank for a candid camera TV show, but they were genuine fans!

Student Weekly: Is there anything you’d like to improve with your performances?

Stamp: I need to find the right balance between singing and entertaining the crowd. Some fans like to listen to my jokes, while others just prefer to hear my songs instead.

Student Weekly: Do you have any particular message for our readers?

Stamp: I think The Voice will be a great show because everybody has worked really hard on it. I’m thrilled with the terrific production on the programme.

Also, if you haven’t heard my latest song yet, please check out the video on YouTube. And my fans can reach me on my twitter account — @StampApiwat.


  • sought after (adj): wanted by many people, because it is of very good quality or difficult to get
    air (v): to broadcast a programme on television or the radio
    represent (v): to be a symbol or expression of something
    coach (n): a person who trains or gives lessons to somebody in sport, performing, acting, etc.
    reject (v): to refuse to accept an offer, an idea, etc.
    terrific (adj): excellent; wonderful
    gathering (n): a meeting of people for a particular purpose
    corps (n): one of the groups of an army that has special responsibilities
    wrestler (n): a person who takes part in the sport of wrestling
    prank (n): a trick that is played on somebody as a joke
    candid (adj): relating to a photograph or piece of film or video taken without the person in it knowing
    thrilled (adj): very excited and pleased
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