Ghostly Ploy

The unusual new ghost movie Rak Rao Kayao Kwan (She-Devil) explores the question of what a guy would do if his dream girl became possessed by a ghost.

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  • Teen on top

    Boeing 777

    Categories : Connect

    Searchers were back in action early this morning trying to find the location...

  • Teen on top

    Picturesque province

    Categories : Education

    Nakhon Sawan is widely known as the place where the Ping, Wang, Yom and Nan Rivers...

  • Teen on top


    Categories :Connect

    The Microsoft Surface 2 features a dual-angle kickstand offering...


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  • Tall Order

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 10/03/2014

    The Ecosport is Ford’s SUV for the B-segment. Should Juke punters be convinced?

  • Geneva's three hottest cars

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 10/03/2014

    Audi, Honda and Maserati are showing sports cars that are especially desirable, but each for different reasons.

  • Mazda hints to All-New 2

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 10/03/2014

    B-segment hatch promises stylish looks and an economical diesel when replacement is due next year.

  • For king and country

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 10/03/2014

    Biography of veteran diplomat and Civil Service mandarin Phan Wannamethee is particularly illuminating about the time he served in the Free Thai Movement during World War II.

  • He who nose best

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 09/03/2014

    The key to success in life is written all over your face, and that can easily be changed.