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By Suwitcha Chaiyong
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Did you know

Yuri played a musician in the 2013 film, No Breathing.

Six years after their debut, the popularity of nine-member group Girls’ Generation continues to grow.

At the end of last year, the group surprised the world by winning video of the year at the YouTube Music Awards for their song “I Got a Boy”, beating videos by big names like Justin Bieber, One Direction and Lady Gaga. Since then, the girls have been busy with various individual projects, as well as a concert tour to promote their Japanese language album, Love & Peace. Thailand was one of the destinations for the Girls’ Generation Girls & Peace World Tour.


A couple of hours before their Bangkok concert began, the group appeared at an outdoor area near Impact Arena to meet Thai press and some lucky fans. Girls’ Generation — leader Taeyeon, 24, Jessica, 24, Sunny, 24, Tiffany, 24, Hyoyeon, 24, Yuri, 24, Sooyoung, 23, Yoona, 23 and Seohyun, 22 — looked very pretty dressed in pink.

Tiffany expressed her feelings with a big smile and sparkling eyes after finding out from the MC that the tickets for their concert had sold out quickly. Tiffany then sweetly said the Thai Sone fan club was very special to the group, especially for the way that they’ve always supported Girls’ Generation.


When asked about her impressions of the concert tour so far, the smallest girl in the group, Sunny, said that they enjoyed the tour because it allowed them to meet foreign friends in every country. She also said that the girls enjoyed the opportunity to eat lots of delicious food.


The concert began with a video to introduce the group before they appeared onstage to perform their dance hits “Hoot,” “Animal” and “I Got a Boy.” The girls managed to keep up their dazzling dance moves and sexy routines throughout the three hour show.

Since none of the girls performed solo songs, nobody in the group had a chance to rest. As a result, there was a lot of lip-syncing during the concert. Fortunately, their fans didn’t seem to mind as they were thrilled just to see the girls wink and smile at them.


Aside from the girls’ natural charm, the show wowed the crowd with spectacular special effects including videos, colourful lighting, fireworks, lasers, moving stages and CGI background images.


The group displayed their live singing skills best when they sat on the stage in gorgeous white dresses and sang their ballads “Promise” and “Baby Baby.” Their singing was terrific, and even lead dancer Hyoyeon was able to show off her beautiful voice with just a few short lines.


At the pre-show press conference, Sooyoung had said that the group was looking forward to seeing what their fans had prepared for them during the show. They weren’t disappointed, since Sone had prepared a lot for the night. During the song “Say Yes,” which is about asking somebody on a date, Sone answered the girls by holding up cards that read, “Let Me Think” and “Yes.”

When Girls’ Generation performed “Promise” and “Baby Baby,” everybody in the hall changed the colour of their light sticks from pink to rainbow colours. For the song “Forever,” the fans let the group know that they would always support them with cards bearing the message, “Always Here.”


During their encore, the girls sang “Into the World” and spent a lot of time talking to their fans. Yoona said that she barely had time to sleep and was exhausted because she was now filming a TV series, but that she was happy to visit Thailand. The fans cheered Yoona up by screaming loudly for her. Jessica complimented their loud cheers.

Taeyeon then said that she wondered what kind of food Sone ate to become so energetic. That led to the girls talking about their favourite Thai dishes, which of course included tom yum goong.

The girls revealed that their upcoming album will be released very soon. Tiffany then ended the fun event with a request that no fan could deny, saying, “Don’t forget to love us forever.”


  • sparkling (adj): shining brightly
    dazzling (adj): a thing or quality that impresses you very much because it is so beautiful, exciting, etc.
    lip-synch (v): to move your mouth without speaking or singing so that its movements match the sound on a recorded song, etc.
    spectacular (adj): very impressive
    gorgeous (adj): very beautiful and attractive
    bear (v): to show something so that it can be seen
    exhausted (adj): very tired
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