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YouTube sensations Room 39 haven’t been changed by fame. The talented trio — 31-year-old guitarist Olran Chujai (Wanyai), 29-year-old singer Chutimon Vitchitrisadee (Mon) and 25-year-old singer Isara Kitnitchee (Tom) — is still down-to-earth and easy-going.

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    Pretty vacant

    Categories : Entertainment

    Director Sofia Coppola once again explores the vacuousness of modern Hollywood celebrity culture in her latest film, The Bling Ring.

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    Variety show

    Categories : Entertainment

    K-pop kings Super Junior continue to make their mark in the music world. This year, the group embarked on their Super Show 5 world tour...

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    Categories : Connect

    Family members have provided details on how former supermodel Rojjana ‘‘Yui’’ Phetkanha...

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    Guitar star

    Categories : Education

    Get your air guitar out and prepare to play it when Steve Vai...

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    Lenovo P780

    Categories :Connect

    Lenovo's title-holder for longest battery life has a few minor flaws...

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  • Power Issues

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 09/09/2013

    Not that it couldn't overtake a train, but the Sonic now has a more powerful engine to choose from.

  • New Jazz revealed in full

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 09/09/2013

    Popular hatchback gets improved engines and new platform for even better packaging.

  • Quattro revival still on the cards

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 09/09/2013

    Sporty concept car gets updated with tweaked looks, a more powerful hybrid engine and a plug-in facility.

  • Lexus shows wild SUV concept

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 09/09/2013

    LF-NX show-car points to a potential rival for the BMW X3 and its like.

  • Sea change

    From Bangkok Post : Published: 09/09/2013

    Battling storms, sleep deprivation and marine life, Patinyakorn Buranrom has made Thai history on the Pacific Ocean.